QESS is a new company which was incorporated in August 2003 in Brunei Darussalam for the express purposes of providing drilling, marine and other major support services to Brunei's oil and gas industry.
The turnover for 2003 estimated to be approximately B$5 million.
The objectives of QESS are to engage and provide energy-related services efficiently, responsibly and profitably to the oil and gas industry. It is the objective of the management to provide these not only in Brunei Darussalam but also in the Asian region.
QESS aims to be Brunei Darussalam's leading oil and gas services company which integrates the various facets of the industry together through a single company. However, this will not be achieved by compromising other players but through a ‘win-win' relationship which will ensure that other companies will benefit through QESS managed services.
Quality and Environmentally Safe Service Solutions
We aim to provide full service solutions in the highest quality and in the most
environmentally-safe manner to our clients in the oil and gas industry.

Although this is possible through our project management and technical expertise,
we believe that our success will rely on our core beliefs on:
  • Reliable Service
  • Integrity of Personnel
  • Dependablility in Meeting Commitments
Reliable Service
We provide the best and most reliable service to all our clients in the oil and gas industry.
We have seasoned, world-class partners who can provide a range of services to global players in the energy field.
Integrity of Personnel
We put high importance on the principle of integrity among our people. In pursuing excellence in service, Integrity is equally important in the conduct of business.

Good image and reputation as a reliable service provider help us sustain our business.
Dependability in Meeting Commitments
Drawing from the technical expertise of our partners and excellent logistical support, we aim to establish a reputation as a dependable service provider in meeting commitments.

The global knowledge and extensive experience in project management of our Principals ensure completion of projects on time.
As befits a new company, QESS is staffed by a young dynamic management team who have significat experience in both the oil and gas industry as well as the corporate world. This will ensure that the company is able to not only identify and benefit from opportunities, but also create profitable ventures for the respective parties involved.
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